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Eaton’s Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS) is now is available through Myers Electrical & Associates. The MITS system can be fully designed, manufactured and installed by Eaton professionals to fully integrate the system into your facilities. MITS can be the total package for anyone planning to build or replace a substation.

Gardner Bender

Myers Electrical & Associates is now offering Gardner Bender’s new Portable Powered Bender. The bender’s standard pipe threader power source makes the bender easy to assemble and is  compatible with most available pipe threaders. It is able to bend 1/2″ -1″ EMT, Rigid conduit, EMT alum conduit and 1/2″  – 3/4″ PVC Coated Rigid Conduit.  With a weight of 35 lbs., this bender can be easily transported around the jobsite.

The Portable Powered Bender can:

  • Make precise bends with easy repeatability
  • Bend conduit vertically or horizontally
  • Reduce risk of injury trying to bend larger sizes of conduit or lugging around heavy equipment


Decora Smart™ Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa is now available from Myers Electrical & Associates. Pairing the Voice Dimmer with the My Leviton app allows for Wi-Fi lighting to easily automate your home. The built-in Amazon Alexa also allows users to receive news updates, stream music, and more, all without an additional Alexa device.

Lighting Automation Features:

  • Voice Control
  • Custom Lighting Schedules
  • Remote Access
  • Preset Lighting Levels