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Now Available from Genesis!

Thermostat & CAT 5E Cable Offerings From Genesis

Genesis is the one-stop shop for all your Category and Thermostat Cable needs! 

Featured Product: Thermostat Cable

When installing a cable engineered to handle the evolving demands and functionality of thermostats, Genesis’ Thermostat Wire is the answer. It’s the first cable designed specifically for the power requirements of the circuit. Experience the benefits of Genesis CAT 5E cable today!

Product Features:

  • Speed Bag® Packaging: Save time and hassle by choosing ready-to-dispense, compact, and fully recyclable packaging.
  • Durable Rip Cords: Strip jackets more easily without damaging conductors.
  • Room and Zone Markings: Easily label and identify rooms and zones using the convenient markings on the cable jacket.
  • Mobility: Haul around less weight and win more project bids with Hybrid Cable
  • Various Options: Available in 5, 6, 8 and 10-conductor constructions
  • Versatile: Ideal for both new and existing HVAC equipment

Featured Product: CAT 5E Cables

Providing consistent power and capacity, the Honeywell Cat 5E Ethernet cable is the logical choice for any new commercial installation or retrofit. With the same superior quality as other Genesis® Series Cables, Cat 5E features a large gauge, round structure, and a smaller bend radius. Category 5E is the dependable, high-performing category Ethernet cable. CAT 5E utilizes superior technology to provide competitive bandwidth, capacity and speed in all applications.

Product Features:

  • 10-Stock Colors Available
  • Cables for General Purpose, Riser Rated, Plenum, or Outdoor projects
  • Pull Box or Reel-in-a-Box packaging options

Minimum Billing $200, and PPD Allowed only $1,500!

Same day shipment available for most items. Call us today at
405-364-0612 for detailed pricing.

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