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2,400 volt to 46,000 volt liquid filled Transformers. Single Phase Pole Type and Padmount. Three Phase Padmounts and Substations

Transformers and Components

Additional Downloads:
Substation Transformers
Distribution Transformers – Single Phase Overhead
Distribution Transformers – Single Phase Padmounted


Underground Distribution
15 KV, 25 KV, 35 KV Oil, SF6, and Envirotemp 200 Fluid Filled Vacuum Interrupter Switchgear

Underground Distribution Equipment

Additional Downloads:
Padmounted Switchgear
Kyle Padmount Switchgear Type PST


Molded Rubber
Loadbreak and Deadbreak Elbow Cable Terminators, Separable Splices, Elbow Arresters, and Accessories

Loadbreak Connectors

Underground Distribution Equipment

IEEE Deadbreak Connectors


Individual Capacitors, Rack Mounted Switched Banks, and Substation Block Banks

Power Capacitors 2.4 kV through EHV

Additional Downloads:
Pole-Mounted Racks with Single-Phase Units
Block Banks and Accessories


Fuse Cutouts, Single Phase and Three Phase Air-break switches, Fuses, Distribution, Intermediate, and Station Class Arresters

Single-Phase Switches
Three-Phase Switches
Surge Arrestors

Additional Downloads:
Single Phase Switches – VCS-1, VCS-1M, VCS-1S
Automated M-Force Switch
Fusing Product Applications
UltraSIL™ Polymer Housed Surge Arresters


Kyle Pole Mounted and Padmount Auto Reclosers

Automatic Circuit Reclosers

Additional Downloads:
NOVA three-phase reclosers


"Kwik-Ship Options" for the NOVA™ Recloser
Fuse Cutouts, Single Phase and Three Phase Air-break switches, Fuses, Distribution, Intermediate, and Station Class Arresters
The Kwik-Ship program, with shipments in 2–4 weeks—includes options to meet customers’ needs for immediate reliability improvement.
Both the NOVA™ Internal Voltage Sensing (IVS) accessory and the F4D recloser control are now available options in the Kwik-Ship program. Other options such as the Form 6 recloser control, pole or substation mounting brackets, automation, and control cables remain available to meet customers’ specifications.
Contact EMR for a Kwik-Ship quotation.


EESS – Eaton’s Electrical Services and Systems


Consulting/Advisory Support
Installation Support & Supervision
Short Circuit/Coordination Studies

Additional Downloads:
Arc Flash Studies, Labeling & Training



Start Up & Commissioning
Power System Studies, Design & Analysis and UPS Systems Start-up
UPS Warranty Extensions & Training

Additional Downloads:
Capacitor, Regulator, Switchgear, and Transformer



Preventive Maint./Cost Savings
PM Program Design & Implementation
Trouble Shooting
Transformer Services



OEM Equipment Serviced & Upgraded
Most Major Electrical Manufacturer’s Equipment
Including UPS’s

Additional Downloads:
Class 1 Circuit Breaker Reconditioning



Plant Life Extension
MV Vacuum Breaker Replacement
LV Breaker Replacement
DC System and UPS Services



Remote Monitoring and Analysis
24/7 Remote Monitoring with Expert Support
Immediate personnel dispatch on remote indication
Monitoring of Eaton UPS, CAT Generators, LV & MV Switchgear, etc.



Turnkey Project Management
Mission Critical Energ Generators, UPS
Automation/Monitoring – POWERNET™

Additional Downloads:
Substation Design & Construction
Design, Build, Modernization & Turnkey Solutions
Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS)